A lovely & brown 20-something year old living life as happy as possible. Chronically ill/disabled, ridiculous artisan soapmaker, writer and all around hopeful human being.
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Night time uno. How does babe have such bad luck in this hand lol

Night time uno. How does babe have such bad luck in this hand lol

Let me take a bite out of your cone.

Let me take a bite out of your cone.

Is your name Luna?
Are you the Moon’s daughter?
Moon kissed child,
I see the moon’s glow in your
midnight blue/black skin.

— Dean Steed, Is Your Name Luna? (via daughterofzami)

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Update: someone got hit because someone went down the one way street the wrong way.
And double dang.


I was nice and asleep and then got woken up by loudness people yelling and an altercation in front of our place.
Called the police because it was scary and thirty minutes later still nobody….

Sheesh, seriously!?


Tarot And Prayer.


Tarot And Prayer.

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For the anon: I don’t use snapchat a lot :-/, I don’t have a kik but…

Forever looking for more lovely people to follow on instagram : weirdwildwonderful

I spend a lot of time on there because it’s easier energy wise

Of course, the ultimate moment of being Female in Public comes when a woman, deep in thought, is told by a strange man to SMILE. (And this happens only to women.) Gentlemen, let’s get this straight. There is no part of my body that belongs to you, not even my facial expression.

— From a devastating essay from Laura Lippman, author, about what it’s like to be a woman in public.  (via emilyvgordon)

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Hollywood has it wrong: I’m a teenager with an illness, and it’s not glamorous at all →


This article is so great. When these movies and shows underplay the physical aspects of illness - the fatigue, the pain, the way your current and future energy levels impact literally every decision - it makes it harder for sick folks like me to talk to the people around us about the realities of illness because we fear it will seem like we’re complaining. 

Thank you!

To everyone who gave me advice! :) I really appreciate it and am absolutely grateful.

I am positive now that over a long period of time I will be able to lose weight. It’s just going to be very different for me than the average person but that’s okay!


In other news, I’m going to buy myself the olay pro x spin brush as a birthday present to myself. I’m hoping my couponing, store sale matchups, etc will help me get it under 20 bux at least! Money is forever tight but I’m hoping I can get this for myself. 

I can’t believe I’ll be a year older come the 24th. My goodness, how much changes in a year…

Much love!

NH aka aguacatera

Advice on Weightloss While Chronically Ill

Cw: talk of weight loss, weight, dieting

Hey folks,

As most of you know I’m chronically ill (CFIDS & FM) and am not able to hit the gym, walk long distances, do cardio.
I am looking to lose some weight in hopes of having it POSSIBLY help some of my symptoms and if not, for it to at least be less weight for me to carry around while walking which may be a positive, energy conservation wise.

Have any of you lost weight without exercise? In a manner that is not unhealthy.

I already do not eat gluten, dairy or sugar as a regular diet to help my immune issues.

I’ve been looking in to portion control / watching calories but was wondering what kind of success folks have had?

Also, I’ve in the past made myself more ill / flare bad by trying to do traditional exercise. Before being ill I used to run, was an azteca dancer and hit the gym on the regular.
This is not a possibility for me now.
I conserve my physical exertion for things like laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning basically, things I need to do to survive.

I hope folks take all of the above in to consideration. I think most people can’t fanthom the reality of having to reserve energy and being laid out for some days.

Tips? Advice? Personal stories?


De primera calidad…


De primera calidad…

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Anonymous asked: You look so tiny n cute! ^_^

:D gracias!

Carefree brujita looks + no sugar added coconut pineapple sorbet.

Carefree brujita looks + no sugar added coconut pineapple sorbet.